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The purpose of iRemocon SITE is to offer information regarding iRemocon, sold by Glamo America, Inc., support our customers, and provide our UI designer to personalize your remote control interface.

We introduce new tools and hints to make iRemocon even more useful, and provide updates to the UI designer through iRemocon SITE. We announce the latest information here and through our mailing service, so please subscribe.

Operation of this site

iRemocon SITE is operated by Glamo America, Inc. Glamo America, Inc. is incorporated to popularize a remote control technology for controlling home electronics with a mobile phone. With iRemocon as our centerpiece, we develop various kinds of products and services in the field of home control electronics, we want to be “futuristic, useful and cool!” to everyone, in an effort to provide more freedom in life without being constrained by the simplified controls of ordinary home electronics and appliances.

Glamo Inc.

iRemocon - Ultimate remote control for everyone

Mobile phones and the internet are ubiquitous, and smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent. Meanwhile, home electronics are controlled with a “remote control” that has remained practically unchanged for decades.
However, a film that I saw when I was a child depicted a future where lights turned on by voice, and home appliances were controlled from outside the home. Music woke you up instead of an alarm clock, and the air conditioner and lights turned on automatically at the same time. You could control anything with control panels, and the control panels were cool!

We can now place calls with voice recognition technology, we use high speed wireless technology everywhere, and we have “Cool” gadgets with touch panels. Why do “remote controls” remain the same without any evolution?

Indeed, expensive learning remote controls with a liquid crystal display and perfect smarthome systems to control home appliances do exist. But they target certain high end customers, and they are expensive and difficult to customize for yourself.

We have developed a product with a reasonable price that offers to the common people a world previously only available to certain elite people, with a framework that lets them easily use it with their smartphones. It is “iRemocon.”

With iRemocon, we want to entertain you with a “futuristic, useful, and cool!” world that Glamo America, Inc. has made reality.

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