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iRemocon unit

We have published the basic commands to control iRemocon. Using the published commands, you can develop your own applications to control iRemocon.  

> IRM-01L Command Reference
> Publication regarding other specifications


> IRM-01L Command Reference

Here is the command reference to control iRemocon(IRM-01L).

IRM-01L Command Reference (PDF) 

※ Note
・We do not provide technical support regarding the command reference and iRemocon.
・We do not provide any support or warranty for damage resulting from using applications that were not developed by us.
・Please use iRemocon in accordance with the command reference. If you do not comply with the specification, it could damage the unit. 


> Publication regarding other specifications

Information not published on this site, such as operation outside the home, is only provided to corporate customers. If you are a corporate customer and are interested in these features, please contact us
※ We are planning to publish the settings to access the iRemocon network information in the future.  
We will inform you on the website and in the newsletter. Please subscribe