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iRemocon offers hands free control, voice recognition, and multiple iRemocon management to enrich your life.


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Please note that Android 5.x is not supported.

Hands free voice control!Multiple controlHands free GPS control

Voice recognition

Voice recognition

What is keywords?

A keyword is a name for your iRemocon that you use to activate voice recognition mode, such as “Living room” or “Bed room.” You can also register nicknames such as “iRemo” or “Honey” to distinguish an iRemocon from other iRemocons that are placed in different locations.

iRemocon Voice Recognition

Oprate multiple iRemocons

Multiple iRemocon operation

Multiple iRemocon operation

Increase availability by registering multiple iRemocons

The image on the left shows a list of multiple iRemocons: Office, Reading Room, Bedroom, and Living Room. You can register multiple iRemocons regardless of whether an iRemocon is placed in a remote location or at home.



・Once the GPS link feature has been set, your home is always comfortable when you come home even if you don’t check your smartphone.
・If you set a home appliance to turn off whenever you leave the home, you’ll never have to ask yourself if you remembered ever again.
・The area monitored by GPS, your home appliances, the commands to be given, and whether coming or leaving home are all configurable.

※ Please consider that extraordinary circumstances may prevent iRemocon from correctly operating your appliance, and use this feature only with appliances where this possibility does not represent a risk to life, limb, or property. Please understand that you cannot check the behavior of the targeted appliance, and that you take full responsibility for control of your home appliances.

※ Please enable “Operate outside the home” to use this function.