iRemocon will transform your smartphones and tablets into highly functional remote controls.

Control your home theater with your personalized remote interface and with voice recognition.

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Get your iRemocon for $78 image description

iRemocon supports iOS and Android

iRemocon can control any IR-controllable appliances at home as well as outside the home.

The Ultimate Learning Remote Control.

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Now you can put all your remote controls onto your smartphone or tablet.

Supported on iPhone,iPad Air,iPad,iPad mini,iPod touch, and Android.

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No more multiple remote controllers!

You can control projectors, speakers, av amplifiers, projector screens, and Blu-ray player with just a smartphone or tablet

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Make your own configuration with the UI Designer

You can rearrange the buttons on your remote control as much as you like, as well as add images. We feel this is easiest to show just by using samples of interfaces people have designed:

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UI designer enables you to personalize your remote control interface. You can have the buttons you want in the places you want, and they will look the way you want. It’s free to use, so try UI designer and make your personalized remote control.

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Lots of useful features


Set your favorite image as the wallpaper.

String and label

Arrange strings and labels on your favorite position.

Button allocation

Arrange iPhone standard buttons.

Button images

Set an image as a button.

Page allocation

Add pages.

Page scroll setting

Choose vertical or horizontal page scroll.


Choose whether to lock a page while paging or not.

Tab allocation

Add tabs and set pages in the tabs.

Icon images for tab

Set your favorite images over a tab.

Macro buttons

Set multiple buttons and transmission intervals over a macro button, and send infrared LEDs as programmed orders and intervals.

sound setting

Select sound when you press a button from about 100 sound effects. Please set sound effect from “Settings” > “Other settings” after the app runs.